Guidelines & Selling Details

**To apply to sell to us, please fill out or seller application form.  If you've already sold to us in the past, you can email us directly at

We have two options for sellers.  Please click the links below for further details.  

Buyout Option 


Consignment Option (for high end/small shop brands only)


Please ensure your items are:

  • Laundered
  • Free of rips and/or stains
  • Free of strong odors (smoke, perfume, etc.)
  • New with tags, like new, or in excellent condition
  • Have all the pieces and are in working order (toys and equipment)



1.  Ensure your items follow our guidelines before packaging them up.  Items that do not adhere to our guidelines will not be considered. 

2.  Pack your items. Please arrange a drop off day/time with us through email at Once a drop off has been scheduled, leave your boxes/bags on our porch and we will grab them.  Please address them to Aster+Luna with your name clearly printed on them.  A copy of our emailed agreement must be submitted electronically prior to drop off.  

3.  We will go through your items and email an offer.  We will carefully inspect the items to ensure they meet our high-quality standards and contact you with an offer as soon as we’re able.  If your items fit our consignment category, this step does not apply.

  • Please allow approximately 2 weeks for an offer.  An order with more than 70 items may take longer than 2 weeks.
  • Offers not responded to after 3 business days will automatically receive a store credit for the offer amount and all unpurchased items will be donated. 

4.  Decide what to do with items not purchased.  For items we are not able to purchase, you can either pick them up or we can donate them to a local charity.  You must let us know once you accept your offer what you would like us to do with your clothing.  If you do not arrange for pick up within 7 days, we will donate your items for you. 

We truly hope you won’t be offended by items we don't take!  It’s not because we don’t like your style or how you outfitted your child.  We typically pass on items because they don’t sell well in our particular store, they don't follow our guidelines, or we have an abundance in that particular size, category, brand, etc.   We ALWAYS appreciate you offering your clothing and items to us, even if we aren’t able to purchase it at this time.