Why purchase pre-loved?

We have SO many reasons why we purchase pre-loved.  Naturally, you have your own reasons as well, but we're sure some of our reasons coincide. 

  1. We want to give our earth a break. This is definitely one of our top reasons - fast fashion is awful for the planet and we live in a very 'get it now, toss it later' type of society.  While we definitely see improvements in recycling, fabric reuse/recycling, and more secondhand options popping up, we still feel very limited within our own community.  SO many of our wee one's items are barely worn and deserve a second, third or fourth life.  While we understand the love for fashion, we'd personally rather do it in a sustainable, more eco-friendly way. 
  2. Babes + kids are messy.  Or is this just our babe?  When we were pregnant and dreaming of our babe's wardrobe, we admit, we purchased a few more extravagant clothing items for his arrival.  While we still LOVE these pieces, they were stained after the first wear.  Bummer.  We've decided we'd rather not stress over our baby ruining a more expensive item of clothing and purchase something that's already seen a little love. 
  3. Unique finds.  We love the idea of personally curating a wardrobe for our little guy (while he still lets us.)  Along our thrifting adventures we've been able to mix and match items that we find adorable and are a bit more unique than what we'd find at a typical department store. 
  4. It saves money.  Let's face it, clothing is expensive.  Everything baby-related seems to be a huge market, and retailers know it.  While we so appreciate the amount of options that are out there, it can be a bit overwhelming on the wallet.  Generally, buying used saves 30-80% off original retail price.  Is there anyone out there that doesn't like the feeling of scoring a great deal?  We didn't think so!

Why is my order packed in a reused box or parcel?

One of the main reasons we started this company was to minimize waste.  While we do purchase some bags and shipping items to use when we need them, we like to reuse any items we are able.  Sometimes an order may be delivered to your doorstep in a diaper box, and other times you'll receive a plain paper gift bag.  Either way, we try to ship with packaging you are able to reuse or recycle  (or send them back to us - we will gladly take them!)

Why are your poly mailers not eco-friendly?

At the moment, we do not have recyclable or compostable mailers.  While completing our research, compostable mailers were not recommended for shipping clothing as they are not as weather-proof as their plastic counterparts.  While we'd LOVE to offer recyclable mailers, we aren't able to receive them from the U.S. at this time.  We've also found that not all recycling facilities accept them, so we aren't entirely sure what our decision will be with poly mailers in the future.  For now, we've chosen some fun prints that we hope you can reuse to package or mail your own gifts in!    

How do you decide which items you accept?

We accept a wide array of items, and we aren't season-specific (in other words - we'll take winter items in the summer and vice versa.)  We try to take a large range of prices and styles, but we do limit it to items that have sold well in our store or fit the general vibe we are trying to create.  If we don't accept some of your items, it's not because we think you're not stylish.  Typically we don't accept items because we either have an abundance of that size, style, or item in our inventory, the item has more general wear (pilling, stains, holes, etc.,) the item is an older style (but not quite retro,) or it's an item we've found has not sold well in the past.  If you're ever curious about our purchase offer or why we didn't accept some of your items, by all means, PLEASE reach out to us and we'll gladly give you a more detailed explanation.